1. First International Congress on "En Face" OCT", Rome, Italy December 13-14, 2013

    First International Congress on "En Face" OCT", Rome, Italy December 13-14, 2013

    Hotel Vittorio Veneto

    Organizers: Bruno Lumbroso (Rome), Philip Rosenfeld (Miami), Gabriel Coscas (Paris)

    Coordinators: Andre Romano (Sao Paulo), Martine Mauget-Faysse (Paris), Marco Rispoli (Rome)

    Honorary President: Rosario Brancato

    Guest of Honor and Coscas Medal: James Fujimoto

    See Program Announcement PDF by clicking HERE.

    Friday 13 December

    “En face” OCT SESSION I

    14.00. Satellite Course--Advanced practical OCT Course


    • AMD OCT and genetic tests - Stefano Piermarocchi (Padua)
    • Deep penetration OCT in patchy atrophy due to pathologic myopia - Giuseppe Querques (Paris, Milan)
    • Pseudoholes vs lamellar holes - Alain Gaudric (Paris)
    • EDI OCT choroid thickness in pseudo vitelliform degeneration - Florence Coscas (Paris) OCT features relevant for treatment outcome in neovascular AMD - Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth (Vienna)
    • Choroid comparative assessment with SLO-ICG, EDI-OCT, and Enface in Macular diseases - Gabriel Coscas (Paris)
    • Swept source en face imaging Philip Rosenfeld (Miami)
    • En-face visualization of human healthy eye. Masahiro Akiba, Tokyo, Japan
    • En face OCT and multimodal imaging -Benedikt Wurm (Heidelberg)


    • En face OCT in inflammatory retinal lesions - Benjamin Wolff (Paris) xxxx – Sarah Vrejèn (New York)
    • En face ultrawide-field choroidal structure and thickness maps created with MHz-OCT Armin Wolf , Thomas Klein, Wolfgang Dreexler, Wolfgang Wieser, Lukas Reznicek, Christos Haritoglou, Anselm Kampik, Aljoscha S Neubauer, Robert Huber Munich, Germany
    • Adaptive Optics applications in Clinical Ophthalmology- Maher Saleh (Besançon)
    • Adaptive Optics SLO using Fluorescence Angiography in diabetics - Rishard Rami Weitz (Toronto)
    • A new OCT for the study of lid carcinoma - Lucia Pelosini (London)

    Therapeutics approaches

    • OCT and AREDS 2 and Lutein -Stefania Miotto (Padua)
    • OCT and ranimizumab treatment in AMD - Maria Cristina Parravano (Rome) OCT and aflibercept treatment in AMD - Monica Varano (Rome)
    • OCT in diabetic edema treatment - Maria Cristina Parravano (Rome)
    • OCT after intravitreal Triamcinolone in AMD -.. Antonio Ciardella (Bologna)
    • OCT imaging and intravitreal Triamcinolone in inflammatory diseases - Massimo Accorinti (Rome)
    • Triamcinolone administration for inflammatory diseases - Piergiorgio Neri (Ancona)


    17.40 -18.30 – Satellite course

    Saturday 14 December

    08.00 - “En face” OCT session II - Moderator Philip ROSENFELD

    Anatomy and morphology

    • Anatomy of choroid by En face OCT - Cristina Savastano (Rome)
    • Study of choroid vessels in glaucoma by En face OCT - Gilda Cennamo (Naples)
    • En face OCT study of choroid - Andre Romano (São Paulo)
    • En face OCT in Macular Edema and Macular microstructure - Bruno Lumbroso (Rome)
    • Flat-mounted retina imaging and potential correlation with OCT images - Francine Behar (Lausanne)


    Technology and clinical Update Session on OCT technology Engineers and specialists present new developments

    • Advances in Technology Optovue - Andre Romano (São Paulo) Advances in Technology Zeiss - Daniele Mantovano (Milan)
    • Advances in Technology Heidelberg - Martin Long, Benedikt Wurm (Heidelberg)
    • Advances in Technology Topcon - Introduction of En-face viewer software “EnView”. Masahiro Akiba, Tokyo, Japan
    • Advances in Technology Nidek - xxx


    • En face OCT in chronic central serous chorioretinopathy - Felice Cardillo Piccolino (Genoa)
    • Central serous chorioretinopathy features with en-face contour adapted scans - Luca Di Antonio (Chieti-Pescara)
    • Central serous chorioretinopathy - Mathieu Lehmann (Paris) En face OCT in uveitis - Vishali Gupta (Chandigarh - Riyadh)
    • Book on Diabetic retinopathy presentation Bruno Lumbroso (Rome) Atlas - Florence Coscas (Paris) Clinical Enface OCT
    • Atlas– Bruno Lumbroso (Rome)


    “En face” OCT session III - Moderator Gabriel COSCAS

    • En face OCT for quantitative imaging of the choroid in macular degeneration and reticular pseudodrusen - Amani Fawzi (Chicago)
    • Clinical Application of En Face OCT in Retinal Diseases - Min Wang (Shanghai)
    • Appearance and Progression of Geographic Atrophy Predicted by SDOCT En Face Imaging - Philip J. Rosenfeld (Miami)
    • En face OCT and macular dystrophies - Chiara Eandi (Turin) En face OCT in retinal Dystrophies - Cinzia Mazzini (Florence)
    • En face OCT imaging of the IS/OS junction line in type two idiopathic macular telangiectasia.- Ferenc Sallo (London)
    • En face OCT in Wet ARMD - Andrea Giani, Giovanni Staurenghi (Milan)
    • Clinical En face OCT study and treatment of Polypoidal Choroidopathy - Gabriel Coscas (Paris)


    • OCT early history and Future prospects - James Fujimoto (Cambridge – USA)
    • From Pictures of Pathology through Pixels to Quantitative Functional Predictions - John Marshall (London)

    13.30 Lunch Break

    13.30 -14.15 – Satellite course

    14.30 - “En face” OCT session IV - Moderator Bruno Lumbroso

    • En face OCT angiography in vascular diseases of the retina - Steven Bailey (Portland)
    • OCT vascular maps - Richard Rosen (New York)
    • En face OCT in Polypoidal Choroidopathy - Martine Mauget Faysse (Lyon)
    • En face OCT and macular diabetic edema - Lucia Pelosini (London)
    • En face OCT and diabetes - Edoardo Midena (Padua )
    • En face OCT in Ocular Oncology - Leonidas Zografos (Lausanne)


    • En face OCT in paraneoplastic melanocytic proliferation - Anita Leys (Leuwen)
    • En face OCT in macular surgery -. Marco Rispoli (Rome)
    • Internal limiting membrane peeling and OCT En face - Ali Erginay (Paris)
    • En face OCT in lamellar holes - Brandon Lujan (San Francisco)
    • En face OCT in vitreo retinal interface - Jean François Le Rouic (Nantes)
    • En-face study of nerve fiber layer in Glaucoma - . Alessandro Invernizzi, Giovanni Staurenghi (Milan)
    • En-face for the study of Optic Nerve - Adil El Maftouh (Paris)


    Rapid Fire session - Moderator Gabriele THUMANN

    3 minutes presentations (3 slides) 2 minutes discussion on “en face” OCT or Clinical OCT cases

    • Un cas d'AZOOR péripapillaire - Sylvia Nghiem-Buffet (Paris)
    • Choroïdal thickness measurement following retinal detachment surgery - Omar Trabelsi (Tunis)
    • A case of presumed retinal toxicity - Maddalena Quaranta El Maftouhi (Lyon)
    • Familial pattern dystrophy with vitelliform lesions evolution - Anita Leys (Leuwen)
    • Intraoperative en-face OCT during Epimacular Membranectomy - Anjali N. Mehta (Lakewood)
    • Early Detection of Exudative AMD on en face OCT - Nalin J. Mehta (Lakewood)
    • OCT in macular injury by green Laser pointers - Zeinab El Sanabary (Cairo)
    • CNV recurrence in ARMD - Jean-Michel Muratet (Pamiers)
    • Choroidal cavitation - Gilda Cennamo (Naples) A case of Harada - Alain Serru (Nuoro)

    18.00 End of the International Meeting

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