1. Autofluorescence of orange pigment overlying small choroidal melanoma.

    Related Articles Autofluorescence of orange pigment overlying small choroidal melanoma. Retina. 2007 Oct;27(8):1107-11 Authors: Shields CL, Bianciotto C, Pirondini C, Materin MA, Harmon SA, Shields JA PURPOSE: To describe the autofluorescence features of orange pigment (intracellular lipofuscin) overlying small presumed choroidal melanomas. METHODS: The diagnostic testing results (fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, and fundus autofluorescence imaging) for two patients with pigmented choroidal melanoma and two patients with nonpigmented choroidal melanoma were reviewed. RESULTS: Clinically, the intracellular lipofuscin pigment appeared brown overlying the nonpigmented melanoma (two cases) and orange overlying the pigmented melanoma (two cases). Fluorescein angiography demonstrated ...
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