1. High-speed ultra-broad tuning MEMS-VCSELs for imaging and spectroscopy

    High-speed ultra-broad tuning MEMS-VCSELs for imaging and spectroscopy

    In the last 2 years, the field of micro-electro-mechanical systems tunable vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (MEMS-VCSELs) has seen dramatic improvements in laser tuning range and tuning speed, along with expansion into unexplored wavelength bands, enabling new applications. This paper describes the design and performance of high-speed ultra-broad tuning range 1050nm and 1310nm MEMS-VCSELs for medical imaging and spectroscopy. Key results include achievement of the first MEMS-VCSELs at 1050nm and 1310nm, with 100nm tuning demonstrated at 1050nm and 150nm tuning at shown at 1310nm. The latter result represents the widest tuning range of any MEMS-VCSEL at any wavelength. Wide tuning range ...

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