1. Carl Zeiss Meditec Reaches 1000 Cirrus™ Hd-oct Placements

    Carl Zeiss Meditec, a leader in ophthalmic devices and surgical systems, today announced that it has installed the 1,000th Cirrus™ HD-OCT system at Pima Eye Institute in Tucson, Arizona. First introduced in November 2007, Cirrus HD-OCT has achieved broad acceptance in the ophthalmic industry and is rapidly becoming the standard of care for identifying retinal and glaucoma disease characteristics and for monitoring disease progression.
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    1. We researched all the leading optical coherence tomography platforms on the market today and chose Cirrus for several key reasons,...Based on our first-hand experience, Zeiss consistently delivers high quality technology and we were confident that Cirrus would keep with this longstanding tradition. The glaucoma analysis capabilities surpass those of any other platform. For our cataract and retina patients, the individual HD layer maps help us to uncover retinal pathologies and explain why a patient does not see as well as expected. Even with these expected benefits, we have been surprised by the utility and efficiency of this system and use it for a far greater percentage of our patients than we had originally predicted
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