1. Novel optical imaging technique to determine the 3-D orientation of collagen fibers in cartilage: variable-incidence angle polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography

    Objective To investigate a novel optical method to determine the three dimensional (3-D) structure of articular cartilage collagen non-destructively. Methods Polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography was used to determine the apparent optical birefringence of articular cartilage for a number of different illumination directions. A quantitative method based on the theory of light propagation in uniaxial crystalline materials was validated on equine flexor tendon. Qualitative maps of fiber polar and azimuthal orientation at sites on the posterior and anterior segments of the equine third metacarpophalangeal (fetlock) joint were produced, and the azimuthal orientations compared with data from a split-line experiment. Results Polar ...
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