1. LLTech Updates Its Atlas of Images Acquired with LightCT Scanner

    LLTech Updates Its Atlas of Images Acquired with LightCT Scanner

     LLTech Updated Its Atlas of Images Acquired with its LightCT Scanner. See PDF Below. To summarize the results we have obtained in pre-clinical studies to date:


    • Breast: 75 samples, 92% sensitivity 77% specificity Lymph nodes: 45 samples, 100% sensitivity 97% specificity
    • Skin: Epidermis and adnexae, collagen bundles of dermis and hypodermis identified through architectural and cellular details. Pathological structures distinguished from normal structures.
    • Brain: Neurons, myelin fibers, CNS vasculature clearly identified. Cortex discriminated from white matter. Tumors such as meningiomas, low and high-grade gliomas and choroid plexus papilloma imaged.
    • Cornea: Precise visualization of structures in normal cornea (epithelium, Bowman’s layer, stroma, Descemet’s membrane, and endothelium). Specific lesions in various corneal diseases also easily identified, such as corneal oedema, epithelium and Bowman’s layer irregularities, breaks or scars (keratoconus), stromal opacities, deposits and fibrosis (stromal corneal scar, bullous keratopathy, lattice corneal dystrophy), Descemet’s membrane excrescences and guttae (Fuchs dystrophy).

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