1. Bioptigen Introduces First Automated Segmentation Software for Mouse SDOCT

    Bioptigen Introduces First Automated Segmentation Software for Mouse SDOCT

    Bioptigen Inc. is launching its latest software solution for preclinical SDOCT image analysis.  The new product is called Diver 2.0 and is part of the InVivoVue suite of SDOCT software solutions.  InVivoVue software is only available on Bioptigen’s Envisu SDOIS (spectral domain ophthalmic imaging system).  Diver 2.0 is only available for R-Class Envisu SDOIS systems.

    Diver adds features that Envisu users need for further analysis of SDOCT image data including template-based manual marking, automatic thickness analysis across the mouse retina, and PDF and spreadsheet report generation, enabling preclinical researchers to present and further analyze results. This capability, along with the Envisu’s ability to rapidly acquire high resolution volume data, enables users to quickly target a region of interest, capture the data for immediate or offline processing, analyze the volumetric data, and repeat the same measurement in the region of interest over time.

    Unique in Diver’s feature set are user-driven retinal layer boundary marking tools and templates so that users can quickly and accurately identify all layer boundaries.  Templates are based on the type of SDOCT volume data loaded such as rectangular, radial, or annular.

    InVivoVue™ Diver (IVVD or Diver) release 2.0 improves upon Diver 1.0 template-based manual marking with automated 7-layer mouse retina segmentation and analysis of images acquired using Bioptigen Envisu Spectral Domain Ophthalmic Imaging System (SDOIS) solutions. It is indicated for use in the preclinical imaging space.

    After manual marking or automated segmentation, Diver 2.0 populates a spreadsheet for user analytics and generates a report with statistical results and layer-wise thickness maps.  

    Joseph Vance, VP of Sales and Marketing, had this to say, “There is a tremendous need for measurement tools that are both flexible and easy to use to support the visualization offered by high resolution OCT.  Diver is the first software tool to address this need for the preclinical retinal imaging customer.”

    Deployed in the top 10 U.S. ophthalmic research institutions, Bioptigen Envisu SDOIS devices are covered by 60- plus patent applications, including 40 awarded patents. More than 200 scientific articles have been published citing data acquired with Bioptigen technologies. Learn more about Bioptigen and its technologies at www.bioptigen.com.

    * R-Class systems are contraindicated for use with humans.

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