1. Polygon mirror scanners in biomedical imaging: a review

    Polygon mirror scanners in biomedical imaging: a review

    We review briefly the different applications of polygonal mirror (PM) scanning heads in biomedical imaging, with a focus on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). This overview of biomedical optical systems that employ PMs include: (i) TD (Time Domain) OCT setups, where PM may be utilized for generating the modulation function of the system without separate translation stages; (ii) FD (Fourier Domain) OCT delay line systems, with PM arrays; (iii) broadband laser sources scanned in frequency, for SS (Swept Source) OCT, with the PM placed in various optical configurations; (iv) OCM (Optical Coherence Microscopy) system with double PMs; (v) 2D PM plus ...

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