1. St. Jude Medical Files Form 10-K Containing Minor Update on OCT Litigation

    St. Jude Medical Files Form 10-K Containing Minor Update on OCT Litigation

    St. Jude Medical filed its Form 10-K with the US Securities and Exchange Commission as is normal for all US businesses. The form can be found here. The document contains a lot of information including some information on OCT related to Patent and Other Intellectual Property Litigation.  A snippet is given below although much of this information is old news.

    Volcano Corporation & LightLab Imaging Litigation: The Company's subsidiary, LightLab Imaging, has pending litigation with Volcano Corporation (Volcano) and Axsun Technologies, Inc. (Axsun), a subsidiary of Volcano, in the Massachusetts state court and in state court in Delaware. LightLab Imaging makes and sells optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging systems. Volcano is a LightLab Imaging competitor in medical imaging. Axsun makes and sells lasers and is a supplier of lasers to LightLab Imaging for use in OCT imaging systems. The lawsuits arise out of Volcano's acquisition of Axsun in December 2008. Before Volcano acquired Axsun, LightLab Imaging and Axsun had worked together to develop a tunable laser for use in OCT imaging systems. While the laser was in development, LightLab Imaging and Axsun entered into an agreement pursuant to which Axsun agreed to sell its tunable lasers exclusively to LightLab in the field of human coronary artery imaging for a certain period of time.  After Volcano acquired Axsun in December 2008, LightLab Imaging sued Axsun and Volcano in Massachusetts, asserting a number of claims arising out of Volcano's acquisition of Axsun. In January 2011, the Court ruled that Axsun's and Volcano's conduct constituted knowing and willful violations of a statute which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices or acts of unfair competition, entitling LightLab Imaging to double damages, and furthermore, that LightLab Imaging was entitled to recover attorneys' fees. In February 2011, Volcano and Axsun were ordered to pay the Company for reimbursement of attorneys' fees and double damages, which Volcano paid to the Company in July 2011. The Court also issued certain injunctions and declaratory relief. In January 2013, the Supreme Judicial Court for Massachusetts granted the Company's request to bypass the intermediary appellate court and has accepted the matter for its direct review.In Delaware, Axsun and Volcano commenced an action in February 2010 against LightLab Imaging, seeking a declaration as to whether Axsun may supply a certain light source for use in OCT imaging systems to Volcano. Axsun's and Volcano's position is that this light source is not a tunable laser and hence falls outside Axsun's exclusivity obligations to Volcano. LightLab Imaging's position, asserted both in defense and in a counterclaim, is that this light source is a tunable laser, which LightLab Imaging's contract bars Axsun from supplying Volcano. Though the trial of this matter was expected to occur in early 2011, in a March 2011 ruling, the Delaware Court postponed the trial of this case because Axsun and Volcano did not yet have a finalized light source to present to the Court. In May 2011, LightLab Imaging initiated a lawsuit against Volcano and Axsun in the Delaware state court. The suit seeks to enforce LightLab Imaging's exclusive contract with Axsun, and also alleges claims to prevent Volcano from interfering with that contract and to bar Axsun and Volcano from using LightLab Imaging confidential information and trade secrets, and to prevent Volcano and Axsun from violating a Massachusetts statute prohibiting unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices relating to LightLab Imaging's tunable laser technology. In October 2011, LightLab Imaging filed an amended and supplemental complaint in this action, and in early November 2011, the Company received Volcano and Axsun's response, including a motion for judgment on the pleadings and a motion to stay the action. In May 2012, the Court granted Volcano's motion to stay the proceedings until Volcano provides notice of its intent to begin clinical trials or engage in other public activities with an OCT imaging system that uses a type of light source that is in dispute in the lawsuit. Volcano is under an order to provide such a notice at least 45 days before beginning such trials or engaging in such activities. In January 2013, the Company filed a motion with the court to lift the stay and allow the matter to proceed given certain statements and activities made by Volcano.

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