1. Research Associate in Photonics/Optical coherence tomography/Nonlinear microscopy/Wavefront sensing at University of Kent -School of Physical Sciences

    Research Associate in Photonics/Optical coherence tomography/Nonlinear microscopy/Wavefront sensing at University of Kent -School of Physical Sciences

    Ref STM0331
    Location Canterbury
    Job Type Research
    Contract Type Fixed Term
    Salary Type Pro Rata Salary (£) 31,020 - 31,020 

    We are seeking to appoint a Research Associate which is supported by the grant: "Combined time domain and spectral domain coherence gating for imaging and biosensing", funded by the European Research Council (ERC), "Ideas" Specific programme, Advanced, the 7th framework, for 25 months.

    The research activity of the RA as part of the ERC grant will tackle extensions and applications of multiple path optical configurations for optical coherence tomography (OCT) and biosensing, studying innovative methods for sensing and imaging and their adaptation to combination of time domain and spectral domain interferometry, developing methods for highly sensitive particle detection and cell imaging. The activity will require combining optical coherence tomography with adaptive optics, nonlinear optics, wavefront sensing, to perform high resolution imaging of the eye, high resolution microscopy of tissue and innovative solutions for cell imaging.

    The Person You will hold a good honours degree or equivalent in Physics/Optics or Electrical Engineering and have research towards a PhD (or equivalent) completed with the thesis in an advanced state. Skills in fibre optics are also essential. You will be required to assemble multiple paths optical configurations and perform optical and electronic measurements. Therefore, you will be expected to have prior knowledge of OCT, fibre optics, scanning, wavefront sensing and microscopy, of cameras and their interfacing to computers. You will also be required to assemble resonators using fibre tapers. Therefore, knowledge of tapering, production of resonators for frequency combs and methods to detect micro and nanoparticles will be valuable. With knowledge of Labview or Matlab you will be well organised and disciplined and collaborate with other members of the ERC team and of the AOG. For a complete person specification please refer to the job description.

    For a complete person specification please refer to the job description HERE.

    The Department The School of Physical Sciences (SPS) is part of the Faculty of Sciences, within the University. It offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in Physics and Forensic Science. Currently there are approximately 550 students and 24 full time academic staff within the School along with a number of clerical, administrative and technical support staff. SPS is a dynamic department achieving national and international excellence in both teaching and research. Website: www.kent.ac.uk/physical-sciences  

    For further information regarding the group please visit http://www.kent.ac.uk/physical-sciences/research/aog/index.html  

    Start Date for applications: 17 January 2013
    Closing date for applications: 25 February 2013
    Interviews are to be held: 4 March 2013

    Please see the links below to view the full job description and also to apply for this post (please do not send your application directly to the department).

    How to apply - for posts of this nature you will be required to fill in the main details section as well as upload your CV, a one page summary (this should include details of experience and other information in support of your application with direct reference to the advertisement and further particulars) and any supporting documents.

    If you require further information regarding the post or application process please contact Emma Milton at E.L.Milton@kent.ac.uk. Please note applications must be made online via the University website; details sent directly via email cannot be considered

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