1. New Exalos Swept-Source OEM Module - Visit our SS-OCT engine demonstration at Photonics West 2013!

    New Exalos Swept-Source OEM Module - Visit our SS-OCT engine demonstration at Photonics West 2013!

    EXALOS AG, in response to our valuable swept source customers requiring an industrial solution addressing small form factor, volume scalability, and cost effectiveness, announces the introduction of its new compact swept source OEM module and the demonstration of a high-performance swept source. The robust and compact swept-source OEM module integrates the miniature swept source in a 26-PIN butterfly (BTF) package with the associated drive electronics, resulting in a 3.5” HDD format perfect for broad-base field deployment of OCT imaging and sensing applications.

    A 1310-nm swept source operating at 40 kHz A-scan rate is realized in a compact butterfly package. Fast wavelength sweep is achieved through a 1D 20-kHz MEMS mirror in combination with an advanced diffraction grating. The MEMS mirror is a resonant electrostatic mirror and performs harmonic oscillation only within a narrow frequency range, resulting in low-jitter and long-term phase-stable sinusoidal bidirectional sweep operation with an A-scan rate of 40 kHz. The source achieves a coherence length of 10 mm for both the forward and reverse sweeps and an OCT sensitivity of 105 dB. This result will be presented in the Photonics West 2013 conference (SPIE paper 8571-106): "High-speed miniaturized swept sources based on resonant MEMS mirrors and diffraction gratings".


    • Optical Coherence Tomography
    • Bio-medical Imaging
    • Industrial Metrology
    • Optical Sensing
    • Spectroscopy

    Key Features:

    • Compact OEM module in 3.5” HDD format
    • Available spectra (840,1060,1310,1550nm)
    • High sweep frequency (up to 150 kHz)
    • Wide sweep range (up to 150 nm)
    • High output power (up to 40 mW)
    • Long ranging depth
    • Remote control through USB
    • Remote control through analog and digital input/output signals
    • Electrical k-clock output
    • Optical FC output
    • Various mounting options

    For more information about our products please visit our website at www.exalos.com or contact Dr. Kevin Hsu (hsu@exalos.com).


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