1. New EXALOS Swept-Source OCT Engine Enables Real-Time Imaging at 100kHz A-scan Rate

    New EXALOS Swept-Source OCT Engine Enables Real-Time Imaging at 100kHz A-scan Rate

    EXALOS AG, responding to the need for a turn-key solution to enable efficient development and rapid market entry into OCT imaging for its customer base, announces the introduction of its new EOE380000 series of swept source OCT engine.  The EXALOS swept-source OCT engine (EOE) is an integral system containing a swept source module, an FPGA-based data acquisition card in a commercial PC, and proprietary software that enables real-time OCT signal acquisition, processing, and k-space remapping at an A-scan rate as high as 100 kHz.

    Specifically, the OCT engine integrates an OEM swept source (in 3.5” HDD format), and a two-channel high-speed (500 MS/s, 12-bit) DAQ card with an on-board field programmable gate array (FPGA) for real-time acquisition and processing of the OCT fringe signal and the k-clock reference signal. Spectral windowing, dispersion compensation, and background subtraction are performed in real-time independently for forward and reverse sweeps. The display engine performs video-rate (>25 fps) displaying of A-scans (2,048 points per array) and B-scans (1024 A-scans per B-scan).

    The system also offers the option to integrate a low-speed (900 kS/s, 16-bit) DAQ card for generating two independent drive signals for controlling an external 2D scanner to perform cross-sectional B-scans and volumetric C-scans.


    • Optical Coherence Tomography
    • Bio-medical Imaging
    • Industrial Metrology
    • Optical Sensing

    Key Features:

    • Fast OCT signal processing based on real-time k-space remapping at 40-100 kHz  A-scan rate
    • Integrated compact OEM swept source
    • Workstation computer midi-tower
    • 2-channel DAQ card (500 MS/s, 12-bit)
    • On-board high-speed FPGA
    • 2D scanner drive signals
    • Display engine at >25 fps for A-scans
    • Display engine at >25 fps for B-scans
    • Selectable OCT data storage
    • Real-time spectral windowing
    • Real-time dispersion compensation
    • Application programming interface
    • Compact turn-key system

    For more information about our products please visit our website at www.exalos.com or contact Dr. Kevin Hsu (hsu@exalos.com).

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