1. The Advantages of Not Entangling Macroscopic Diamonds at Room Temperature

    The Advantages of Not Entangling Macroscopic Diamonds at Room Temperature

    The recent paper entitled by K. C. Lee et al. (2011) establishes nonlocal macroscopic quantum correlations, which they term “entanglement”, under ambient conditions. Photon(s)-phonon entanglements are established within each interferometer arm. However, our analysis demonstrates, the phonon fields between arms become correlated as a result of single-photon wavepacket path indistinguishability, not true nonlocal entanglement. We also note that a coherence expansion (as opposed to decoherence) resulted from local entanglement which was not recognized. It occurred from nearly identical Raman scattering in each arm (importantly not meeting the Born and Markovian approximations). The ability to establish nonlocal macroscopic quantum ...

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    On 12/28/12 mebrezin said:
    I think the combination of OCT with techniques that involve quantum correlations is an important future direction for OCT. This paper demonstrates that not all quantum correlations are entanglement, and likely other forms of correlations are more practical as they can be used under ambient condition with traditional sources. Quantum correlations can be established with either first or second order correlations. It also demonstrates that the Science paper entangling diamonds was not true entanglement.

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