1. In Response to Pressure Ontario Government Increases Ophthalmic OCT Reimbursement Fee

    In Response to Pressure Ontario Government Increases Ophthalmic OCT Reimbursement Fee

    Just this past May it seemed the Ontario Government had angered some doctors and patients by reducing the ophthalmic OCT reimbursment rate from about $63 to $25. This set off articles in the press like this one "Doctors and patients upset over Ontario gov't cuts to critical eye exams" where it was expressed by some that this was not in the best interest of Ontario, doctors, or patients. It now seems that this reimbursement has again changed as detailed in this article "Ontario government reaches deal with doctors" where it is quoted that " The optical coherence tomography fee, which had been reduced to $65 from $25, will increase from $25 to $35 effective in April".  It seems a clear testimate to the value of ophthalmic OCT. In the US the reimbursement rate has also dropped marginally where in 2010 it had an effective rate for CPT Code 92135 of about ~$47 to 2011 where the blended effective rate for the new three CPT codes 92132, 92133, and 92134 are about $44.  But very importantly these new reimbursement rates are now fixed whether one eye or two eyes are scanned.  This nearly cuts the revenue from reimbursements by almost a factor of two since the majority of patients seem to have had both eyes scanned.

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