1. $35 Million Growth Round to Fuel OptiMedica’s Leadership in Laser Cataract Surgery

    $35 Million Growth Round to Fuel OptiMedica’s Leadership in Laser Cataract Surgery

    OptiMedica Corp. has announced the closing of a $35 million growth round of financing. Proceeds will be used to continue the rapid global commercialization of the company’s Catalys® Precision Laser System for cataract surgery, support the development of innovative system enhancements, and fuel a next-generation portfolio of additional products. The round drew participation from all of OptiMedica’s existing venture backers, which include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Alloy Ventures, DAG Ventures, BlackRock Private Equity Partners and Bio*One Capital – an esteemed group that together have more than $3.5 trillion under management.

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    1. OptiMedica has been committed to bringing the precision and safety benefits of femtosecond laser technology to cataract surgery since our founding in 2004. Today, we are literally standing at the forefront of a landscape shift in the field that, we believe, will ultimately make the laser the centerpiece of the procedure.
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