1. Optics in Cardiology Symposium 2013

    Optics in Cardiology Symposium 2013

    We are happy to announce the second edition of Optics in Cardiology, to be held on March 21/22, 2013, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  The website for the symposium includes the list of sessions and speakers, as well as the submission form for poster abstracts, venue, and local information. Registration for the meeting is now open.

    The two-day symposium will provide a forum for the latest breakthroughs in applications of light in cardiovascular medicine, highlighting clinical, technological and translational advances in this fast-moving field. It aims to advance the use and development of optical techniques in cardiology, to educate clinicians about current practice and new techniques, as well as update engineers about arising clinical needs. These goal will be achieved by stimulating interaction between and among scientists, clinicians, and engineers, from academic and corporate backgrounds.

    Visit www.opticsincardiology.org for more information.

    Scientific organizers:
    Evelyn Regar
    Gijs van Soest
    Erasmus MC

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