1. 2013 OCT News Student Paper Award Opportunity Announcement - A Travel Grant and iPad2

    2013 OCT News Student Paper Award Opportunity Announcement - A Travel Grant and iPad2

    OCT News will sponsor three student paper awards of $1,000 each plus a 16GB iPad2 for each winner. The goal of this grant is to assist in the travel or other expenses of a student working in the area of OCT.  For example to attend an OCT Conference such as the upcoming Photonics West conference in San Francisco on February 2nd 2013, or the 6th International Graduate Summer School on Biophotonics in Sweden on June 8th, 2013, or other conferences such as those listed HERE. To be eligible for this award, the applicant must be a student (graduate or undergraduate) doing research in the area of Optical Coherence Tomography, the work submitted must be fairly recent and mainly the work of the student.  Awards will be funneled via the students institution or thesis supervisor. See instructions below.

    To apply for the student travel grant, submit no more than a 15 page PowerPoint presentation, (with optional animation, embedded video, and/or embedded audio).  Also submit a separate 1 page text summary description of the work along with any additional pages for information on your group/institution, and a personal biography to OCT News. Submissions must be received by December 15th 2012. To submit, please go to www.octnews.org and click the “Contact OCT News” button in the main menu bar or send an email to octnews @ hivefire.com.

    The travel grants will be reviewed by four independent reviewers and the winners selected and award made in early January based on the novelty, technical merit, and clarity of the submitted work. The recipients submitted work will be featured on OCT News website in early January once the award is made.

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