1. Miniaturized OCT by novel MEMS mirror technology

    Miniaturized OCT by novel MEMS mirror technology

    At the Medica 2012 Innoluce will proudly present their unique miniaturized MEMS mirror technology, enabling in-vivo catheter based OCT diagnostics.

    OCTCatheter Using Innoluce Mems Scanner

    Innoluce MEMs scanner in a catheter configuration

    Innoluce, an entrepreneurial spin-off of Royal Philips Electronics, develops and sells a very small optical component which can be used to steer a laser beam in very small environments. This component is called a Laser Scanning Module (LSM), and is built around a resonant micro mirror. This mirror is manufactured from silicon, using Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology.

    Innoluce strongly believes their technology will enable new applications, which will improve the quality of life. Using its unique technology, Innoluce acts as a development partner and provides a well established supply chain.

    Innoluce chose to implement the first proof of concept application for the catheter in the diagnostics of bladder cancer, in co-operation with the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam. The catheter as developed by Innoluce has an outside diameter of 2.5 mm, and as such is applicable in commonly used  flexible and rigid endoscopes.

    Based on Innoluce's MEMS mirror technology platform, dedicated miniature laser scanning functionality is also being developed for other applications, amongst others miniaturized OCT applications for opthalmology and dermatology. The key drivers in these fields are mostly reduction of size and weight in order to  make hand-held diagnostics possible.

    You are kindly invited to visit Innoluce at The Holland Pavilion at the Medica, Hall 16 Stand A05/B05, to discuss the use of the catheter and/or the dedicated MEMS mirror design possibilities for your application.

    For more information and direct contact please contact Marijn van Os (CEO Innoluce).

    Mobile: +31 6 4609 3997

    Email: marijn.van.os@innoluce.com

    www: www.innoluce.com

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