1. Nonlocal Quantum Correlations: Beyond Entanglement

    Nonlocal Quantum Correlations: Beyond Entanglement

    The utilization and control of nonlocal quantum interactions is an area of active investigation. This is not limited to subatomic structures but extends to the macroscopic level. Nonlocal interactions can be from either entanglement or path indistinguishability (the path integral for larger systems), with the latter being further subdivided as discussed. These two distinct phenomenon have recently been treated often in the literature as essentially identical, which is problematic when utilizing them for practical applications. The confusion may lie in misunderstanding the physics of the type II spontaneous parameteric downconversion source (SPDS), which is used extensively with entanglement studies. This ...

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    On 9/11/12 mebrezin said:
    Thinking the quantum effects, particularly quantum correlations, can only come from low output entangled photon sources (SPDC) limits the field. The paper describes how quantum correlations can be established with conventional thermal sources (previously paper in PRA) and in some cases first order correlations. We also interpret the recent "entangled diamond' experiment not as true entanglement but first order correlations with local entanglement. Though second order correlations assessments are not OCT, they can be performed within an OCT system so hopefully this work will expand the applications of OCT.

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