1. Product Manager/Senior Product Manager Opening at NinePoint Medical

    Product Manager/Senior Product Manager Opening at NinePoint Medical

    NinePoint Medical, Inc. is developing, manufacturing and commercializing medical devices that enable in vivo pathology. Initial products will integrate breakthrough optical imaging technologies with advanced algorithmic processes to provide physicians with real-time decision making capabilities and image-guided therapies during minimally invasive procedures. The Company’s vision is to provide products that ultimately streamline care and improve patient outcomes. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, NinePoint is backed by Third Rock Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners.

    Position Requirements

    The qualified candidate will be responsible for developing brand strategies and tactics to achieve successful market entry into key strategic product areas with the end goal of maximizing market penetration and profitability for NinePoint Medical, Inc. The position will require involvement in all marketing aspects of product line development including the formulation of business plans for new technologies, management of product development activities, and the execution of new product introductions. The Product Manager’s duties will specifically include:

    • Working closely with VP, Marketing and other colleagues in the determination of new product design criteria to maximize market acceptance and sales potential.
    • Formulation of detailed business and marketing plans to initiate key new product projects. Plans should address product positioning, promotion, pricing, inventory availability and roll-out, sample distribution, customer targeting, collateral material development, competitive advantage, sales and customer training, early user evaluations, reimbursement impact, development of promotional literature and services, sales training materials, and product pricing strategies. Providing ongoing support and expertise to the sales organization and distribution channels for the assigned product line.
    • Gathering market research and participating with product development colleagues in identifying and exploring new product opportunities.
    • Planning and execution of product launches including pre-launch activities and post launch follow-up and support.
    • Direct interaction with physicians, sales leaders, and internal teams within the company to meet product goals.
    • Develop programs to effectively train all sales reps, managers, service departments, etc.
    • Perform ongoing market assessment and competitive analysis for assigned product line(s).
    • Develop competitive positioning strategies and tactics.
    • Develop and distribute marketing collateral materials for assigned product lines.
    • Track the effectiveness of implemented marketing plans.
    • Track and evaluate product performance for assigned product line(s), including parameters such as revenue, profitability, units, average sales price, # of customers, etc. Modify plans as necessary to ensure all financial and business goals are met and in line with overall marketing strategies.
    • Track customer acceptance of new and existing product(s). Maintain understanding of customer needs and react accordingly when needs shift or change.
    • Manage tradeshow and workshop coordination for assigned products.

    Qualifications & Educational Requirements

    • BS/BA in related field with minimum 2 to 5 years of Product Management experience, specifically within in medical devices field (e.g., life sciences, medical technology, marketing, and/or engineering) or equivalent knowledge and experience.
    • Minimum 5 to 10 years professional experience with minimum 5 years in marketing and/or sales.
    • Current or previous GI and/or Imaging experience (such as endoscopy and/or catheter based technologies) preferred.
    • Excellent written communication and group presentation skills.
    • Organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
    • Strong planning and organizational skills.
    • Excellent computer skills and knowledge.
    • Strong ability to work in multi-cultural, cross-functional groups.
    • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to travel up to 40%.

    All applicatoins are processed online. To submit your resume, send an email to hr@ninepointmedical.com with your resume attached.

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