1. OCT in Dermatology Training Centre to be set up in Bonn Germany

    OCT in Dermatology Training Centre to be set up in Bonn Germany

    Medinizinsches Zentrum Bonn Friedensplatz, the leading private medical centre in Bonn, Germany, will provide the world’s first training workshop for clinicians on the use and applications of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) in dermatology.

    Starting in the summer of 2012, the 1-day workshop will train clinicians on how to interpret OCT images of skin and to use the information to aid and improve their care of patients’ skin conditions, especially for non-melanoma skin cancer.

    Professor Uwe Reinhold, President of the Onkoderm network of top German skin cancer clinics and lead dermatologist at the Medinzinsches Zentrum Bonn, is directing the workshop. His clinic has been using a Michelson Diagnostics VivoSight® OCT scanner since the beginning of the year on a routine basis and has already scanned more than 100 patients.

    Professor Reinhold said “We have found OCT imaging particularly useful for non-melanoma skin cancer, and our patients really appreciate this service because they get a fast and reliable diagnosis without taking a biopsy. I believe it will become a widely used technique in Germany, and this training workshop will help spread the knowledge and understanding of OCT”

    Professor Welzel is a long established name in OCT research in Dermatology. She has been using the VivoSight scanner for more than one year in her practice. She said “We use VivoSight® OCT for small, red scaly lesions in our daily practice. These are mostly of the head and neck, but also of the body more generally. This allows us to differentiate between BCC, Bowens Disease, AK, SCC and inflammatory lesions such as eczema or psoriasis. This is a very common question in normal daily practice.

    The OCT measurement is fast and reliable, and allows us in many cases to decide immediately, without taking a biopsy, which therapy would be most suitable. We frequently detect BCC that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. OCT also allows us to control the efficacy of the therapy without the need for repeated biopsies.

    These capabilities allow for faster diagnosis, and reduces return visits to learn histology results. We find patients like VivoSight® as it helps avoid the worrying wait for diagnosis, allows less invasive treatment, and demonstrates to them that their lesion is gone.“

    OCT is a completely new imaging technology that is now available to dermatologists. It provides detailed real-time images of sub-surface skin tissue at much higher resolution than is possible with ultrasound or other standard imaging modalities, by using a low-power laser scanning device. Being able to see beneath the skin surface is very helpful to dermatologists. Scanning is quick, safe, requires no special preparation and there are no side-effects. The first practical OCT scanner, the VivoSight® scanner, is commercially available from UK firm Michelson Diagnostics, and already has CE-mark for medical use.

    About Michelson Diagnostics Ltd:

    Michelson Diagnostics is a rapidly growing medical device company which has developed and brought to market a scanning device used to improve and accelerate care for patients suffering from non-melanoma skin cancer.  Michelson Diagnostics’ core product – the VivoSightâ OCT scanner – is used by dermatologists to see below the surface of the patient’s skin, allowing them to gather additional information about their patient’s condition, and is the first of its kind available to dermatologists.  Founded in 2006, Michelson Diagnostics designs highly innovative instruments using multi-beam optical coherence tomography solutions. The company is headquartered in Kent, England with US operations in South Dartmouth, MA.

    Further information about Michelson Diagnostics is available on the Internet at http://www.md-ltd.co.uk/.

    Octopus Investments Ltd (www.octopusinvestments.com) is an investor in Michelson Diagnostics.

    Octopus Investments, founded in 2000, is a leading investment specialist, offering a range of core and satellite investment solutions. It has grown its funds under management by almost 100% per annum since inception, and now employs over 170 people to manage almost £2 billion in funds under management.

    Octopus has won a number of awards for its products and customer service. It has twice been voted one of the Best 100 SMEs to work for by the Sunday Times, and is one of only two fund management companies to be AAA rated by IFAs for customer service.

    For clinical use in the US FDA 510(k) K093520 applies:

    VivoSight is a Multi-Beam Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system indicated for use in the two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time imaging of external tissues of the human body. This indicated use allows imaging of tissue microstructure, including skin, to aid trained and competent clinicians in their assessment of a patient's clinical conditions. US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

    The Michelson Diagnostics logo and the VivoSight® name are the trademarks of Michelson Diagnostics Ltd and are registered in the UK, the US & throughout the European Union.

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