1. High-Speed Retinal Imaging with Polarization-Sensitive OCT at 1040 nm

    High-Speed Retinal Imaging with Polarization-Sensitive OCT at 1040 nm

    Purpose. To demonstrate the ability of a new high-speed polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT) system for retinal imaging at 1040 nm. Methods. A new polarization-sensitive swept source OCT system in the 1 [mu]m wavelength range is used to image the retina of healthy volunteers. The instrument is operated at an A-scan rate of 100 kHz which is about three times faster than previously reported PS-OCT instruments in this wavelength region. The increased imaging speed can be used to record densely sampled volumes of the retina. Moreover, it enables averaging of several B-scans recorded at the same location to obtain ...

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