1. Advanced Endoscopic Imaging in Barrett’s Oesophagus

    Advanced Endoscopic Imaging in Barrett’s Oesophagus

    Barrett's oesophagus is a metaplastic condition with an inherent risk of progression to adenocarcinoma. It is essential to identify dysplastic changes within Barrett's oesophagus in order to individualise surveillance strategies and establish which patients warrant endoscopic treatment. There is a trend towards endoscopic resection of focal high-grade dysplasia followed by whole segment ablation. However, endoscopic identification of dysplastic lesions is unreliable and subjective making targeted therapy extremely difficult. In addition, the current practice of taking random quadrantic biopsies may miss dysplastic disease and intramucosal adenocarcinoma. Several advanced endoscopic imaging techniques have been described and tested in clinical trials ...

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