1. Vice President of Sales Position Opening at NinePoint Medical

    Vice President of Sales Position Opening at NinePoint Medical

    NinePoint Medical, Inc. is developing, manufacturing and commercializing medical devices that enable in vivo pathology. The Company is preparing to launch its first product, the Nvision VLE™ Imaging System, in 2013. Initial products will integrate breakthrough optical imaging technologies with advanced algorithmic processes to provide physicians with real-time decision making capabilities and image-guided therapies during minimally invasive procedures. These products are based on an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital called optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI). Integrating the company’s proprietary imaging technology will one day enable changes to diagnosis and surveillance of disease and may enable a "see and treat" model that may improve patient outcomes, shorten the timeframes associated with diagnostic and treatment procedures and significantly reduce costs.

    NinePoint Medical will focus on developing a high-resolution optical imaging device to facilitate real-time diagnosis, treatment planning, and surveillance practices for patients with Barrett’s esophagus, a common precursor to esophageal cancer.

    The Company was founded in October 2010 in Partnership with Third Rock Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners, and completed a $27 million Series A financing. At that time Charles Carignan M.D., was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Dr. Carignan is the former Chief Medical Officer of Boston Scientific.


    The overall responsibilities of the VP, Sales are to develop and implement sales strategies and tactics which support corporate goals and differentiate the Company from its competition. The VP, Sales will provide leadership and vision as well as champion continued growth and change.

    The Vice President, Sales position is responsible for the US direct sales force, and will work with the VP Marketing on identifying and managing distributors. In the role of Vice President, Sales this individual will be responsible for the successful commercialization of the Company’s products. In leading this effort the successful candidate will take leadership for directing and managing the organization’s efforts as they relate to sales strategy development, planning, implementation and the overall effectiveness of sales programs across all products and services. Working closely with the VP, Marketing and CEO, S/he will constantly monitor and assess NinePoint Medical’s market places and recommend specific new products or services or enhancements to existing products/services to match trends and opportunities. The VP, Sales will recruit and hire a sales force prior to the launch of the first commercial product.

    The candidate will understand how to champion teams while developing individuals who can operate in the dual mode of a team environment and functional responsibility. This individual will have high expectations from those in his/her group and the ability to positively manage for delivery of such. Necessary skills for success include a proven track record in sales, negotiation, conflict management, coaching/motivating, and development. This individual must be able to influence other functions in a collaborative manner to achieve the required outcomes. S/he will understand how to positively challenge and motivate the members within Sales to perform as “best in class”.

    Specific duties and responsibilities will include:

    • Recruit and hire sales force for U.S. markets in markets that where the Company sells direct.
    • Increase sales by providing the sales force with leadership, vision and tools needed to increase market penetration and support revenue targets.
    • Develop talent management pipeline by working closely with direct reports and assisting S/he with career development.
    • Develop and implement programs to train, motivate and assist the sales organization to continue to achieve explosive growth
    • Motivate and measure a sales force of dedicated direct sales professionals and distributors.
    • Develop short and long range strategic sales plans to achieve aggressive sales revenue growth and bottom line results based on sales projections, client needs, product mix, geographical considerations and other factors.
    • Plan and run periodic sales meetings, events and promotions to assure a highly motivated, informed, trained and successful sales force.
    • Maintain close contact with physician champions, key opinion leaders and key decision makers in order to find new ways to strengthen the Company’s position in the market.
    • Partner with product development, marketing and operations to ensure quality products, winning programs and consistency in the marketplace.
    • Devise and implement sales incentive and compensation programs which reward achievement of goals and sales excellence.
    • Prepare and deliver management information and reports as required.
    • Introduce and integrate additional products and services as the opportunities become available.

    Commercial Strategy and New Product Launch:

    • In conjunction with marketing and operations, establish realistic market goals and sales plans to assure that resources are pushed to the reasonable limits so that results are achievable and predictable. Develop an overall plan and make recommendations for allocation of resources to maintain current and future activities and utilize a budgeting and tracking system to monitor deviations.
    • Work closely with key executives in the GI and Imaging space to identify and implement strategies that forge and enhance the business to consumer linkage as well and the DTC interactions that are possible now and in the future.
    • In conjunction with the VP, Marketing develop and recommends specific market penetration and sales and market development programs and provide the technical and functional support as the company implements its overall sales strategy.
    • Work in conjunction with VP, Marketing to identify and implement best practices as they relate to initial sales force training and development as well as subsequent ongoing educational programs to keep the sales force aware of changes in the market as well as specific product changes/enhancements.


    • Lead NinePoint Medical in the development of a best practices based sales organization within the diagnostic imaging sector.
    • Developing individuals who can assume greater responsibilities within the Company including leading teams and functional specialties.
    • Lead the senior management team in the development of the Company’s commercial strategy.


    • Bachelor’s degree.

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