1. Sonomed Escalon™ Announces Release of AXIS™ iPad App

    Sonomed Escalon™ Announces Release of AXIS™ iPad App

    Escalon Medical Corp.'s (Nasdaq Market: ESMC) subsidiary, Sonomed Escalon™ announced the release of its new iPad App for the AXIS™ Image Management System at the recent World Ophthalmology Congress held February 16-20 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Matthew Carnevale, Chief Technical Officer, stated that "the AXIS iPad App is an industry first in ophthalmic diagnostic imaging management, and provides an entirely new level of flexibility and power. A clinician can now view all of their ophthalmic diagnostic images from anywhere at any time on their iPad, including slice-by-slice review of OCT images, fundus images, ultrasound, visual fields and more." The ...

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