1. This Is What Job Creation Really Looks Like

    This Is What Job Creation Really Looks Like

    In two small, unassuming offices here, Bob Robinson and Eric Buckland are quietly making heroic efforts to help the American middle class. But American capitalism -- and the American government -- serve them both poorly.The two men, the small businesses they painstakingly nurture and the difficulties they encounter are on-the-ground examples of the broad economic challenges the United States faces. Their stories do not present easy answers. Instead, they put the lie to Republican and Democratic orthodoxies regarding economic growth. Start with Robinson. He is the executive director of the Raleigh Business & Technology Center, a primarily government-funded effort to help the ...

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    1. "It can't just be about billion-dollar wins that VCs target...We need investments in small and medium-size companies that feed the ecosystem....It's really horrible...I think Congress has no idea of their impact on small business...My neighbor is a staunch Republican...we both agree that if you can get reasonable people to sit down together, they can reach an agreement...This polarization is killing us...We've got to get through that, if we're going to get through this malaise.
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