1. LightLab Imaging Announces Strategic Supply Agreement with Axsun Technologies Inc. for High Performance Swept Source Lasers

    LightLab Imaging Announces Strategic Supply Agreement with Axsun Technologies Inc.  for High Performance Swept Source Lasers

    LightLab to integrate Axsun's patented swept source technology in next generation OCT Imaging System


    Westford, MA – May 27, 2008 – LightLab Imaging, Inc., the world leader in photonic imaging technologies for medical applications, today announced that the company has entered into a strategic supply agreement with Axsun Technologies Inc. Under this multi-year exclusive agreement for cardiac Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Axsun will provide advanced tunable lasers for Lightlab’s next generation OCT imaging system. 


    “This agreement is the culmination of the successful joint development effort undertaken by the companies to design a product unique for OCT imaging,” explained Joe Schmitt, Chief Technical Officer at Lightlab, “The Axsun tunable laser solution provides a powerful combination of high performance, compact footprint, manufacturability and cost.  We feel that this technology addresses the requirements of our customers better than any other available offering.”


    “Swept Source OCT enables extremely high speed imaging with 10X higher imaging resolution than Ultrasound,” noted Dale Flanders, CEO of Axsun Technologies, “Axsun’s unique tunable laser technology provides unprecedented resolution, depth and speed of imaging in a compact and cost effective product offering that is simply not available from any other source.”


    About LightLab Imaging


    LightLab Imaging, Inc., based in Westford MA is the world’s leading manufacturer of Optical Coherence Tomography for Cardiac and other applications. LightLab is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodman Co. Ltd. (Jasdaq: 7535), based in Nagoya, Japan.  The company was founded in 1998 and has exclusive license to a broad range of OCT applications from MIT and other entities. The LightLab mission is to develop and distribute photonic imaging technologies that improve patient’s wellbeing, enhance diagnostic medicine, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare expenditures. For more information, visit www.lightlabimaging.com.


    About Axsun


    Axsun Technologies, Inc., established in 1998, develops and manufactures advanced components and photonic subsystems used in industrial process control, test and measurement applications, and throughout the world's communication networks. Axsun has applied its expertise in micro-optics and precision engineering to pioneer an entirely new class of fully functional, miniaturized spectroscopic instruments and devices that enable dramatic improvements in quality, productivity, and performance across a variety of industries – from pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical/petrochemical processing, to medical devices and diagnostics, forensics, and scientific discovery. For more information, visit www.axsun.com.


    Company Contacts:


    LightLab Imaging: 

    Craig Kelley, Director of Marketing




    Bill Ahern, Director of Marketing


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