1. Full-range, high-speed, high-resolution 1μm spectral-domain optical coherence tomography using BM-scan for volumetric imaging of the human posterior eye

    An alternative optical coherence tomography (OCT) to clinical ophthalmic 830 nm spectral-domain OCTs (SD-OCT) is demonstrated. An axial resolution of 7.4 µm, ranging depth of 4.2 mm in tissue, sensitivity of 98.5 dB, and detection speed of 38,300 axial scans/s have been achieved. These are comparable or superior to those of recently commercially available ophthalmic 830 nm SD-OCTs in clinics. In addition, fast volumetric imaging for the in vivo human posterior eye with high-contrast of the choroid is achieved. A broadband 1.04 µm light source enables the high-contrast and high resolution imaging of the ...

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