1. Wavelength-Tunable Broadband Frequency-Domain OCT Source Based on Spatially Filtered Sub-10-fs Pulsed Laser

    A wavelength swept broadband source based on a sub-10-femtosecond (fs) pulse laser and a spatial filtering method was developed for the application to frequency-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT). The use of the sub-10-fs laser with a galvano scanner operating at a high repetition rate provided a fast tunable broadband light source, which tuned the spectral component across the spectral bandwidth of 110 nm at 1-kHz repetition rate. The spectrally filtered light beam had 0.5-nm instantaneous spectral linewidths at 1-mW average output power. The implemented FD-OCT system clearly imaged a narrow air gap between glass plates with an axial resolution ...
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