1. PhD on developing new type of Optical Coherence Tomography Instruments

    PhD on developing new type of Optical Coherence Tomography Instruments

    PROPHET (Postgraduate Research on Photonics as an Enabling Technology www. prophet-itn.eu) is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the EU Framework Programme 7. Photonics is an important enabling technology for a wide range of applications in diverse areas; the photonics industry in Europe accounted for revenues of €49 billion in 2006. The PROPHET network will train a cohort of 14 early stage researchers and 5 young experienced researchers in the full gamut of skills required for a career in photonics, including materials growth, device fabrication, characterisation, design, theory, and commercialisation. A carefully-chosen, well-balanced consortium of 9 academic partners, 4 industry partners and 2 associated partners are well placed to provide the training in these skills, with European and worldwide reputations as leaders in each field. These skills will be applied in four application areas; mode-locked lasers for Communications applications, solar cells for Energy applications, gas sensing for Environment applications, and fast tunable laser sources for OCT in Life Science applications. Each researcher will experience both academic and commercial environments thanks to the strong industrial involvement, resulting in multi-skilled, industry-focused graduates. PROPHET thus directly addresses the need for additional skilled photonics professionals, as identified by the European Technology Platform, Photonics21. 

    Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU), ToruĊ„, Poland has a vacancy for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) to pursue a PhD degree, funded for a period of 36 months. The Early Stage Researcher will be registered as a PhD candidate and employed at Nicolaus Copernicus University (http://www.umk.pl/en/) with full employee benefits. ESR will carry out the majority of his/her research at the Institute of Physics NCU in the Optical Biomedical Imaging Group (http://www.fizyka.umk.pl/fizyka_en/). 

    The ESR hosted by NCU will develop new Optical Coherence Tomography instruments using rapidly tuned compact laser sources covering two spectral bandwiths, leveraging the expertise in OCT at NCU. OCT is an emerging new imaging technique, capable of high-resolution, 3-D imaging with a penetration depth of a few millimeters in biological tissue, which to date has been principally employed for retinal imaging of the eye. 

    The instruments developed by ESR will be designed to take full advantage of the new fast tunable laser sources developed in PROPHET. The ESR will work on systems for retinal imaging and anterior segment imaging, including the design of the optical scanning heads, programmable performance parameters, and dedicated data acquisition software. 

    The ESR will join the Optical Biomedical Imaging Group at Institute of Physics NCU (http://obig.fizyka.umk.pl) and will be supervised by Dr. Maciej Wojtkowski. He/she will work closely with other PROPHET researchers at Tyndall National Institute , University College Cork (Ireland) University of St. Andrews (UK), with secondment visits to these partners.


    The applicant will be required to satisfy the eligibility criteria for Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers, i.e.:

    Must be within the first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research career; 

    Must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Poland for more than 12 months in the three years immediately prior to their recruitment. 

    The applicant will also be expected to have a first or second class honours (or equivalent) undergraduate degree in physics, optics, electrical engineering or a related discipline. 

    Contact: Dr Maciej Wojtkowski - max@fizyka.umk.pl


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