1. OCT Phantoms Initiative: A new effort to bring standardized tools for OCT system characterization and validation to the community

    OCT Phantoms Initiative: A new effort to bring standardized tools for OCT system characterization and validation to the community

    Over the past two decades, the capabilities, applications, and usage of OCT have advanced remarkably.  Given the maturity of OCT, there is an imminent need for widely available and standardized tools to benchmark OCT device performance.  Controlled test objects, generally known as phantoms, are essential to satisfy this need by serving as a stable, well-characterized reference which is periodically imaged.  The proper phantom can ensure data accuracy and consistency over time, among multiple instruments, and across device manufacturers.  This is a key step towards standardization and quality assurance on par with the most established medical imaging modalities.

    The OCT Phantoms Initiative currently consists of a small group of researchers in academia and government with interests and experience in developing OCT-specific phantoms.  A variety of phantoms already exist for OCT, but nothing is widely used and accepted as of yet.  In addition, it is a challenge to identify where to focus OCT phantom development to be of greatest benefit to the OCT community of researchers, device manufacturers, and users.  Therefore, as a first step, we have created a survey on OCT phantoms to help us more clearly prioritize the needs which phantoms could address and foster discussion and collaboration within our community.  The goal is to facilitate and accelerate the development of phantoms which the OCT community considers most important.


    We appreciate your taking the time to fill out the survey below, and we look forward to your responses.  Don’t forget to click "Finished" at the bottom right hand corner of the survey.   Feel free to provide extra comments in the comment section of question 15 of the survey or the OCT News field below the survey (Note comments on OCT News take a little while to show up).  Also please forward this link to others in the OCT field that may be interested in the OCT Phantoms Initiative.


    For more information about the OCT Phantoms Initiative or to join the mailing list of the initiative, please contact Guy.Lamouche@cnrc-nrc.gc.ca.


    Anant Agrawal, US Food and Drug Administration

    Brendan Kennedy, University of Western Australia

    Guy Lamouche, National Research Council Canada

    Pete Tomlins, Queen Mary, University of London


    If you are attending Photonics West this week, please come to BiOS Conference 8229B “Design and Performance Validation of Phantoms Used in Conjunction with Optical Measurement of Tissue IV” on Saturday January 21 and Sunday January 22.  There will be interesting presentations and discussion on phantoms for OCT and other optical diagnostic modalities.


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