1. Optical Engineer/Senior Optical Engineer Opening at NinePoint Medical

    Optical Engineer/Senior Optical Engineer Opening at NinePoint Medical

    Optical Engineer/Senior Optical Engineer

    NinePoint Medical, Inc. is a transformational medical device company developing innovative, real-time, in vivo pathology devices.  The company’s first goal is to develop a device that enables remote pathology, or telepathy, which would facilitate immediate review of images during diagnostic procedures.  This capability could potentially provide physicians with immediately actionable information and eventually allow them to pursue therapeutic remedies at the time of diagnosis.  This convergence of access, diagnosis and treatment during one procedure is expected to improve patient experiences and outcomes, improve the efficiency of care and provide important savings to the healthcare system.  Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, NinePoint is backed by Third Rock Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners. 

    Position Requirements:

    We are looking for a talented hands on senior level engineer who will be responsible for the design through commercialization of optical systems that facilitate the use of NinePoint Medical’s medical imaging platform.  The qualified candidate will be responsible for all aspects of development and implementation, working closely with the hardware engineers, software engineers and catheter engineers to develop novel medical imaging systems.  The qualified candidate will collaborate with cross-functional teams in the design and development of the medical imaging platform.

    •  8+ years’ experience in optical component and optical systems design and analysis, ideally in the area of optical coherence tomography or low coherence interferometry
    • Experience with geometrical optics, single mode optical fiber and components is required
    • Experience with optical design software packages i.e. Zemax, Code V, OSLO
    • Experience with high speed, tunable laser sources
    • Experience developing  and commercializing optical systems  and/or components
    • Experience with medical device development requirements/standards: FDA QSR, ISO, IEC
    • Working knowledge test equipment; optical spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, beam profilers, etc.

    Desirable experience

    • 10+ years’ commercializing medical devices
    • Fabrication and alignment procedures for manufacturing environment
    • Hands on fiber optic processing techniques; cleaving, polishing, connectorizing
    • Validation and testing

    Education Requirements:

    A minimum of a technical Bachelor’s Degree.  Master’s Degree desirable.

    Preferred fields:  EE, Optics, Biomedical Optics, Physics

    For consideration, please send your resume to hr@ninepointmedical.com

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