1. Senior/Principal OCT Systems Engineer Opening at NinePoint Medical

    Senior/Principal OCT Systems Engineer Opening at NinePoint Medical

    Senior/Principal OCT Systems Engineer

    NinePoint Medical, Inc. is developing, manufacturing and commercializing medical devices that enable in vivo pathology.  Initial products will integrate breakthrough optical imaging technologies with advanced algorithmic processes to provide physicians with real-time decision making capabilities and image-guided therapies during minimally invasive procedures.  The Company’s vision is to provide products that ultimately streamline care and improve patient outcomes.


    We are seeking a talented Senior/Principal OCT Systems Engineer to participate in the design, development and commercialization of novel image based solutions to the in vivo pathology paradigm. If you join our team, you will work alongside experts in several different scientific and engineering disciplines to develop next generation optical coherence tomography imaging systems.



    • Experience with design, development and construction of electro-optical imaging systems for biomedical applications.
    • Experience in optical coherent systems such as Time Domain OCT, Fourier Domain OCT or coherent communication systems.
    • Must be a self-starter and a fast learner, must work efficiently, both independently and within a team, must have very good problem solving skills and attention to details.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required - must be able to write clear reports, specifications, proposals, etc., and effectively discuss them with other scientists and engineers.
    • The ideal candidate should have the drive and aptitude to continuously learn about new fields and technologies and implement novel solutions to problems, design experiments and build hardware and software systems.

    Desirable experience:

    • Optical coherence tomography
    • Laser-tissue interactions
    • Signal and image processing
    • FDA QSR and other regulatory requirements in support of medical device development

    Education Requirements:

    M.S. or PhD in relevant engineering or scientific fields (e.g. optical, electrical/biomedical engineering, physics, mathematics, etc) and 0-3 years industry experience.


    For consideration, please send your resume to hr@ninepointmedical.com

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