1. World’s First High-Performance, Small, Fast, & Inexpensive All Semiconductor Laser for Swept-Source OCT Imaging

    World’s First High-Performance, Small, Fast, & Inexpensive All Semiconductor Laser for Swept-Source OCT Imaging

    Insight Photonic Solutions announced the availability of the new Insight laser engine, the first all-semiconductor akinetic swept tunable laser engine for use in imaging  and ranging applications such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).  The Insight laser brings unparalleled speed and optical quality to the fast-growing OCT marketplace, at breakthrough pricing

    Unlike existing lasers, the optical cavity of the Insight laser has no moving parts (“akinetic”) and is very compact yielding a single longitudinal mode that can be rapidly tuned.  The lack of any moving parts leads to very high vibration immunity, high reliability and long lifetime.  The resulting performance includes 200,000 sweeps per second (with future performance to 1M), >40 mm coherence length, linearity better than 0.01%, wavelength range over 100 nm, duty cycle over 95%, high quality point-spread function with >45-55dB dynamic range, noise below -138 dB/Hz, side-mode suppression better than -47 dB, and power over 20 mW.  Center wavelengths include 1550 nm, and now 1310 nm.  1060 development is in process. 


    The laser has been described by one of the inventors of swept OCT as “The ideal OCT laser”.


    Beyond the industry-leading optical performance as a traditional sweeping laser, the all-electronic control of the laser leads to unique capabilities, such as

    • Electronic K-Clock™.  The laser is so linear that no external optical K-clock is necessary.  The laser provides uniform unidirectional, no-dead-time sweeps with no inter-sweep dead time even with only single sweep direction.   The Insight laser ensures that the wavelength of the laser is precisely correct at each (equally-spaced frequency) trigger.  Trigger jitter, another image-impacting parameter, is less than 300 femtoseconds.
    • Long-term Stability.  The laser inherently self-calibrates its wavelength and power in the background, ensuring that performance on day one and years later is exactly the same.
    • Custom Coherence™ Length.  The user can adjust the coherence length to the application’s ideal optical path length.
    • Custom Power Profile™.  The laser power profile versus wavelength can be set to flattop, Gaussian, Cosine squared or a custom power profile.  In addition to being custom, the profile is virtually devoid of periodic power variation, leading to an even-cleaner point spread function.

    Future product releases will include wider wavelength ranges, 1060 nm band operation, and sweep rates up to 1 MHz, as well as optional built-in OCT measurement and DSP signal processing. 


    The semiconductor origins of the Insight laser lead to pricing that is among the lowest in the industry. The laser is the result of a five-year stealth development program in conjunction with private and university research scientists.


    About Insight.  Insight Photonic Solutions, Inc. provides sweeping laser engines for medical imaging, fiber sensing, spectrometry, and fiber optic component testing applications.  Engineers and scientists around the world are being attracted to Insight’s advanced semiconductor-based akinetic lasers and associated measurement and data reduction for Optical Coherence Tomography, Optical Frequency Domain Interferometry, Confocal Microscopy, Fiber Bragg grating-based sensing, Rayleigh backscattering-based sensing, fiber optic component design, production test, high-speed alignment, inspection, research and education.


    Price, Availability, and For More Information.   The sweeping lasers at 1310 nm and 1550 nm are available for order in December with deliveries beginning in Q1 2012.  For more information and OEM and end-user pricing, contact Insight technical support at 303-604-5160 or e-mail info@sweptlaser.com.  Visit the company’s website, www.sweptlaser.com, to request  more information.

    Insight Photonic Solutions Laser Chip


    Reader Inquiries: (303) 604-5160

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    Press Contacts:

    Michael Crawford

    Insight Photonic Solutions, Inc.

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