1. All-semiconductor high-speed akinetic swept-source for OCT

    All-semiconductor high-speed akinetic swept-source for OCT

    A novel swept-wavelength laser for optical coherence tomography (OCT) using a monolithic semiconductor device with no moving parts is presented. The laser is a Vernier-Tuned Distributed Bragg Reflector (VT-DBR) structure exhibiting a single longitudinal mode. All-electronic wavelength tuning is achieved at a 200 kHz sweep repetition rate, 20 mW output power, over 100 nm sweep width and coherence length longer than 40 mm. OCT point-spread functions with 45- 55 dB dynamic range are demonstrated; lasers at 1550 nm, and now 1310 nm, have been developed. Because the laser's long-term tuning stability allows for electronic sample trigger generation at equal ...

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