1. The software revolution in ophthalmology

    The software revolution in ophthalmology

    Software is eating the world," Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen wrote in an essay published in The Wall Street Journal in August. He was referring to how software has been transforming major industries from books to music to recruiting—think Amazon, iTunes, and LinkedIn. Software is in everything, from the exploration of oil and gas that fuels our cars and homes, to the navigation functions in our vehicles, to our everyday financial transactions in stores. In Mr. Andreessen's view, healthcare and education are "next up for fundamental software-based transformation." Indeed, in ophthalmology, it is clear that a software revolution has ...

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    1. Software is eating the world....healthcare and education are "next up for fundamental software-based transformation.
    2. We have changed our entire way of record-keeping over the past 3 years and are still adapting to patient flow issues and how the record-keeping influences how we take care of patients.
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