1. David W. Kolstad appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of LightLab Imaging

    David W. Kolstad appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of LightLab Imaging

    Westford, MA – May 8, 2008LightLab Imaging, Inc., the world leader in photonic imaging technologies for medical applications, today announced the appointment of Mr. David W. Kolstad as Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.  The announcement was made by Mr. Akira Masuda, Chairman of LightLab Imaging and Member of the Board, Goodman Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ 7535), the corporate owner of LightLab.

    Mr. Kolstad rejoins LightLab imaging where he previously served as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development from 1999 – 2004.  Mr. Kolstad brings over 18 years of imaging and cardiac medical device experience to the business.  He has provided senior management leadership for corporate strategy, marketing, business development, product and general management to large and small businesses.  His experience includes senior management positions with Fortune 500 companies, Hewlett-Packard and General Electric, as well as venture and corporate backed start-ups. Mr. Kolstad received his MBA from The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth and his BS in Chemical Engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    Mr. Masuda states, “David’s prior experience with LightLab Imaging as well as his broad range of global industry and clinical relationships gives him unique insight into the strategic opportunities for the business. The board believes his experience and demonstrated success in leading the development of both small and large medical device businesses is ideally suited for this next stage of LightLab’s growth.”

      “This is truly an exciting time to be coming back to LightLab Imaging,” said Mr. Kolstad.   “Recent technical advances, progress with regulatory approvals and a broadening of our distribution channels all create very real opportunities for significant growth.  The possibility for the business in a broad range of clinical applications has never been greater.” 

    Mr. Kolstad previously served in executive roles with Viacor Inc, Transmedics Inc., and as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and interim General Manager for Hewlett-Packard’s global medical imaging business. He began his career as a member of General Electric’s management development program and served as a surf rescue boat coxswain in the US Coast Guard reserves.

    About LightLab Imaging, Inc. 

    LightLab Imaging, Inc., based in Westford MA. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodman Co. Ltd., based in Nagoya, Japan.  The LightLab mission is to develop and distribute photonic imaging technologies that improve patient’s wellbeing, enhance diagnostic medicine, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare expenditures.  Our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) platform is catheter deployed for utilization during PCI, and other minimally invasive procedures. 


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