1. Proposed Acquisition of the OCT and ultrasound business and assets of OPKO Health, Inc.

    Proposed Acquisition of the OCT and ultrasound business and assets of OPKO Health, Inc.
    Optos plc (LSE: OPTS), a leading medical retinal imaging company, announces that it has entered into a conditional agreement with OPKO Health, Inc., OPKO Instrumentation, LLC, Ophthalmic Technologies Inc. and OTI (UK) Limited to acquire the assets and business of the instrumentation division of OPKO. OPKO Instrumentation is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of optical coherence tomography (“OCT”) diagnostic devices and optical ultrasound scanners, each used by the ophthalmic and optometric professions in the diagnosis and management of eye disease and conditions.
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    1. “In addition, we will add an existing revenue stream with immediate cross selling synergies through Optos’ sizeable salesforce as well as future margin improvement through operational synergies. We believe these current and future products and business will make Optos a more robust player in the ophthalmology market...We are also delighted to have secured the support of Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets who have extended a $30m revolving credit facility to Optos to support this transaction and our operations going forward.
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