1. Dr Claude Boccara and LLTECH’s Digital Pathology Technology Receive Prestigious NIH Bench-to-Bedside Pioneer Award

    Dr Claude Boccara and LLTECH’s Digital Pathology Technology Receive Prestigious NIH Bench-to-Bedside Pioneer Award

    At the conclusion of the first day of the 7th NIH Inter-Institute Workshop on Optical Diagnostic and Biophotonics Methods from Bench to Bedside, Professor Boccara has received the prestigious NIH Bench to Bedside Pioneer Award from the hands of Dr Amir Gandjbakhche, Program Chair and Chief of Section of the NIH Laboratory of Integrative and Medical Biophysics.

    The NIH Inter-Institute Optical Diagnostic and Biophotonics Methods Workshop is a bi-annual event that brings together world-wide experts in the diagnosis and treatment of several important health issues. The format include lectures by top people in the biophotonics field, as well as panels of experts addressing key unmet medical needs in the area of imaging and optical methods.

    “NIH Bench-to-Bedside Pioneer Award recognizes how basic science can lead to breakthrough and technology achievement that results in medical and industry driven products. These achievements should have a major impact in the improvement and cost reduction of cared delivery, decreasing the cost and morbidity of existing technologies." says Dr Amir Gandjbakhche, Program Chair. In addition to several NIH leaders, the Program and Award committee is composed of world- renowned Experts and leaders in the field.

    Panel: http://spie.org/x33387.xml?WT.mc_id=RNIH11PE

    About Pr Claude Boccara

    Professor Boccara is the recipient of ten scientific awards, including the prestigious Leon Brillouin Price, a major honor of the French Optical Society. As an outstanding teacher, he has been involved in mentoring scientists at all stages of their careers and helping establish pathways for career growth at one of the most respected scientific institutions in the world

    About LLTech Light-CT Technology

    LLTech's Light-Coherent Tomography (Light-CTTM) provides a non-sacrificial digital cellular imaging solution for the Hospital and the Life-Sciences Pathology Lab. Using light instead of ultrasounds, the Light-CT can scan tissues and display high resolution (<1micron) 2D and 3D fully digital images. Amongst other, the key applications of the product are in Rapid and non destructive 2D and 32D Digital Pathology, bio-banking tissue quality control and real-time, non destructive 3D imaging of Stem Cell.


    About LLTech

    LLTech is a privately owned company founded in 2007. LLTech vision is to become the leader in real time, safe, non-destructive optical biopsies and cellular level tissue imaging for research and clinical applications (micro biopsies assessment, surgical margins…). Using the properties of white light and optics the Light-CT research scanner generates DICOM 3D high-resolution three-dimensional images of tissue microstructure, without introducing artifacts.





    LLTech, Inc.

    103 Carnegie Center Drive

    Suite 300

    Princeton, NJ 08540


    Phone :+1 609 955 3506






    6, place de la Madeleine

    75008 Paris


    Phone: +33 9 72 16 33 40





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