1. The Influence of Corneoscleral Topography on Soft Contact Lens Fit

    The Influence of Corneoscleral Topography on Soft Contact Lens Fit
    Purpose. To evaluate the influence of peripheral ocular topography, as evaluated by optical coherence tomography (OCT), compared with traditional measures of corneal profile using keratometry and videokeratoscopy, on soft contact lens fit. Methods. Ocular surface topography was analyzed in 50 subjects aged 22.8 years (SD ±5.0) using videokeratoscopy (central keratometry, corneal height, and shape factor) and OCT to give both full sagittal cross-sections of the cornea and cross-sections of the corneoscleral junctions. Corneoscleral junction angle, corneal diameter, corneal sagittal height, and scleral radius were analyzed from the images. Horizontal visible iris diameter and vertical palpebral aperture were analyzed ...
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