1. Scientists awarded grant to continue developing optical device for medical exams

    Scientists awarded grant to continue developing optical device for medical exams

    Primary-care physicians could be using a handheld device that combines the functions of several tools at once, all linked to massive data storage, within the decade. The National Institutes of Health have awarded a team led by the University of Illinois $5 million over five years — with a renewal options — to improve the UI's optical tomography tool. The handheld tool can scope and make video of ears, eyes, cervical tissue and skin with only the change of a tip, and enter the bloodstream with fiber cable attached. Professor Stephen A. Boppart of the Beckman Institute is the principal investigator ...

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    1. In the end, I expect the cost of this system will be slightly more than what it replaces, but with significantly more capabilities, I do expect the cost of this system to continue to fall as more systems are developed and demand increases...This will be a boon for poorer hospitals and Third World or developing countries...It is essentially a portable imaging system with digital data that can be sent via cell-phone networks for analysis by experts in larger cities/hospitals.
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