1. Killing Hypoxic Cell Populations in a 3D Tumor Model with EtNBS-PDT

    Killing Hypoxic Cell Populations in a 3D Tumor Model with EtNBS-PDT
    An outstanding problem in cancer therapy is the battle against treatment-resistant disease. This is especially true for ovarian cancer, where the majority of patients eventually succumb to treatment-resistant metastatic carcinomatosis. Limited perfusion and diffusion, acidosis, and hypoxia play major roles in the development of resistance to the majority of front-line therapeutic regimens. To overcome these limitations and eliminate otherwise spared cancer cells, we utilized the cationic photosensitizer EtNBS to treat hypoxic regions deep inside in vitro 3D models of metastatic ovarian cancer. Unlike standard regimens that fail to penetrate beyond ~150 µm, EtNBS was found to not only penetrate throughout ...
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