1. OCT News Needs Your Help To Maintain Your Email Subscription

    OCT News Needs Your Help To Maintain Your Email Subscription

    Dear OCT News Email Subscriber

    It is required that basic subscriber information be accurately entered when you sign up to the newsletter.  If the information below is not fully and accurately entered your account will be deleted.  This information is and will remain 100% confidential.  The purpose of the data is to determine valid users from bots and spam users.  Please follow the  three simple steps in the instructions in the picture below so that I can determine who is a valid subscriber and genuinely interested in OCT from those that are not valid (and delete the invalid accounts).  The information requested is basic and will be kept private and not be shared with anyone.  Please enter all the "Basic Information" and use your real name and other requested information or your account will likely be deleted by mistake.  DONT FORGET TO HIT "SAVE" AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.  You can skip entering the other "Profile" information section.  Profile information is only relavent if you are entering comments (which few people do on OCT News).

    Thank you for your assistance.


    Eric Swanson

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    Thank you for your time to filter and supply us so much valuable information these years.
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    On 8/28/12 mebrezin said:
    Yes, OCTNews is a great resource. Thanks for all the work.
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    On 9/28/14 Eric Swanson said:
    Your welcome!

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