1. Monitoring skin photodamage using quantitative optical coherence tomography

    Monitoring skin photodamage using quantitative optical coherence tomography
    Noninvasive, real-time imaging technology assists UV light therapy of skin diseases and facilitates reduction of the associated photodamage. In clinical medicine, 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) combined with ultraviolet A (UVA; 320–400nm) (PUVA) therapy is an effective and widely used treatment for several types of dermatose, including psoriasis, mycosis fungoides, and vitiligo. However, many studies have shown that PUVA has both potent mutagenic and carcinogenic effects and also immunosuppressive consequences. The latter can allow tumor development or changes to the immune function in both immuno-suppressed and healthy individuals.1,2 Long-term PUVA therapy significantly increases the risk of skin-cancer development.3,4
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