1. Central Airway Compliance in Asthma: Up or Down? Good or Bad?

    Central Airway Compliance in Asthma: Up or Down? Good or Bad?

    In this issue of the Journal, Williamson and coworkers (pp. 612–619) report on the use of anatomical optical coherence tomography(OCT) to measure the luminal area of central intrathoracic airways (generations 0–5) (1). By coupling this dynamic, in vivomeasurement with simultaneously measured transpulmonary pressure, they derived area–pressure relationships of these airwaysand calculated airway compliance (Caw) and specific compliance(sCaw). They then compared these values in control subjects andthose with obstructive lung diseases: asthma, chronic obstructivepulmonary disease (COPD), and bronchiectasis. This is an excitinguse of a new technology, and their results are surprising.First described in 1991 (2 ...

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