1. St. Jude Medical closes Q4, 2010 on a roll

    St. Jude Medical closes Q4, 2010 on a roll
    St. Jude Medical Inc. ended 2010 on a roll, posting near-double-digit sales and earnings increases for both the fourth quarter and full year. St. Jude Medical Inc. (NYSE:STJ) wrapped up 2010 and put a bow on it with near-double-digit boosts to its top and bottom lines. The St. Paul, Minn.-based medical device maker's fourth-quarter profits rose 8.9 percent to $206.4 million, or 62 cents per diluted share, on sales of $1.35 billion during the three months ended Jan. 1. That compared with profits of $189.7 million, or 57 cents per diluted share, on ...
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