1. Optos on the Hunt for OCT Technology.

    Optos on the Hunt for OCT Technology.
    THE chief executive of Dunfermline-based eye scanner maker Optos has signalled the next step in his turnaround strategy for the company by acquiring new technology for diagnosing diseases. Roy Davis built up Welsh medical technology firm Gyrus before selling it to Japanese camera maker Olympus for nearly £630 million in 2007. He is now employing a similar strategy at Optos, building up the company's range of products through acquisition and distribution deals. Davis is on the hunt for technology that employs "optical coherence tomography" (OCT), a technique that measures the thickness of the retina, the rear part of the ...
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    1. It's an exciting time for Optos. We've turned the company around and now have exciting growth prospects. There are a limited number of companies - mainly in Germany and Japan - working in the field of OCT...We wouldn't rule out either buying or licensing the technology but we won't be developing it from scratch.
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