1. Residual Bubble Of Oxane Hd: A Study By Optical Coherence Tomography And Fundus-Related Perimetry.

    The authors describe a complication of Oxane HD as internal tamponade: a patient with adherence of a residual bubble of Oxane HD in the macula after removal of all visible heavy silicone oil. In this patient optical coherence tomography displayed on optical artifact due to the residual bubble, and fundus-related perimetry revealed a predominantly eccentric and relatively unstable fixation and very low macular sensitivity. After surgical removal of the residual bubble, sensitivity improved and fixation became predominantly central and more stable.Page: 106DOI: 10.1097/IAE.0b013e31802be807Authors: Querques, Giuseppe MD; Primavera, Vito MD, PhD; Iaculli, Cristiana MD; Noci, Nicola Delle ...

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