1. Congratulations to Giovanni Ughi a Winner of the Santec & OCT News Student Travel Grant

    Congratulations to Giovanni Ughi a Winner of the Santec & OCT News Student Travel Grant

    Santec Corporation and OCT News are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Optical Coherence Tomography Student Travel Grant award. This year there was a tie for first place and two submissions were awarded.  Congratulations to Giovanni J. Ughi who is currently a PhD student in the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases at the K. U. Leuven in Belgium. Below is a description of Mr. Ughi's work.

    Topic covered by the project is software development for quantitative automated analysis of intra-vascular OCT images. Automated segmentation of stent struts and lumen, stent apposition, stent coverage and registration of OCT datasets at different instants of times are part of the software research and development. Moreover, tissue characterization and assessment of mechanical properties of atherosclerotic plaques to differentiate plaques that are unstable (likely to rupture and cause myocardial infarction) vs. stable plaques, are other issues at which the project address. The optical coherence tomography system used in our catheterization laboratory is a Fourier Domain device for coronary arteries. The promoter and co-promoter and clinical colleague of the project are Professor Jan D’hooge (Research Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, KU Leuven) and Professor Walter Desmet (Full Professor, Department of Cardiology, KU Leuven), and Dr. Tom Adriaenssens (Clinical Colleague).

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