1. Microperimetry and OCT findings in female carriers of choroideremia

    Microperimetry and OCT findings in female carriers of choroideremia
    Purpose: To evaluate structural retinal changes and macular function by a combined spectral domain optical coherence tomography/ scanning laser ophthalmoscope (OCT/ SLO) microperimetry device in choroideremia carriers. Methods and Materials: Ten choroideremia carriers were included in the study. All subjects had a complete ophthalmic examination in addition to Goldmann kinetic visual fields, OCT and microperimetry testing on a commercially available Spectral Domain (SD) OCT/SLO combination system. Results: Microperimetry results demonstrated focal areas of threshold abnormalities in 50% of the subjects. OCT findings show subtle retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) irregularities with attenuation more pronounced outside the macular region. Conclusions: Long ...
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